Spring Turn on Service

In the spring, when our technicians visit your property to turn on your irrigation system we perform the following services:


Winterizing your irrigation system is a very important task that needs to be completed annually before the first freeze. In October or November our service technician visits to winterize your sprinkler system. Using our commercial grade air compressor we blow all water out of the valves, spray heads and rotors, preventing freezing in the water lines. At this time, we will turn the water off from the inside of the house but leave the master shut-off on the outside of your house in the “on” position. It’s similar to turning off the water line to your outdoor spigot. In doing so we ensure water doesn’t remain in the line which could freeze, expand and crack your water line.

Whether you need one head changed, adjusted or moved; Terry’s Cut, Trim and Irrigation can do it all. Our service crews have nearly every part on the truck to fix whatever the problem is. If you have a broken head, a leaky valve or a bad irrigation timer, we can fix anything. If you need a rain sensor or a sprinkler head raised, we can handle it. If you are adding a pool or redesigning your landscape beds we can redesign the layout of your irrigation system.

If your irrigation system has seen better days or has never worked right from the beginning, we can renovate it and have it working the way it should. Usually in a single day we can redesign the system and have it up-and-running. Over the years this has been the service we have been called to do most often. We have built a reputation on taking a bad system and making it good again. If you would like to know what we can do for your old or outdated system, call us at: (314) 426-1212 or email us and we will be happy to meet with you. We have the irrigation solution to your property irrigation and sprinkler system problem.